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          1. Guangzhou Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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                Guangzhou Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, design, marketing, service as one of the modern enterprise. In order to adapt to the fierce market competition and the new situation of current multilateral international trade, diversified development, our actively introducing advanced foreign technology and the integration of the company engaged in baking machinery more than 10 years of research and development and manufacturing experience, successfully created a top domestic brand Zhengmai, and by the popular brands of high quality and inexpensive sought customers - Zhen bao.

                Our high-end brand "Zhengmai", absorbing the essence of the domestic industry and the German advanced technology, technological upgrading of domestic existing tunnel furnace, rotary furnace, furnace baking equipment level, completed a new leap in quality, by the majority of users at home and abroad at the same time, praise! Our "Zhen Bao" brand in a solid technical foundation, quality and quantity, high quality and inexpensive, but also by the majority of users welcomed.

                "Zhengmai" brand is mainly manufacturing high-quality R &amp; D: tunnel furnace, rotary furnace, furnace cradle, hot air circulation oven automatic gas oven, automatic electric oven, and machine, mixer, Danish foaming machine, fermentation tank, plastic machine, dough dividing machine, slicing machine, bag split rolling machine and the special food oven, automatic production lines and a variety of moon cake baking: fully automatic production line, automatic production line of cake and bread (toast) full automatic production line.

                "Zhenbao" brand: standard type gas oven, electric oven, standard standard standard, the prover standard type mixer, mixer, Roasted Duck furnace, and other products sold at home and abroad.

                "Zhengmai" stands in the high starting point of the platform, adhering to the "in good faith as the fundamental, to serve as the basis, to the quality of survival, technology and development" business philosophy, set 100 long, Huizhong man, to promote the development of national baking industry.

                With the core technology of baking machinery, "Zhengmai" is your correct choice. We are looking forward to coming to discuss cooperation and create brilliance with customers from all walks of life at home and abroad.