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            2017 will change the global baking market, the main trend

            Author:正麥機械 Source:正麥機械 Date:2017/3/17 11:58:02 Visits


            The bread industry faces other breakfast and Chinese food competition, and the bread in the minds of consumers is not healthy enough, so in the mature market, the bread industry will grow at a low speed. Innovation is therefore important for attracting existing customers and potential new customers. Emerging markets have the potential for rapid growth, consumers are moving from non-packaged bread to packaging bread for convenience, and looking for higher-priced Western bakery products.

                Overall, the global bakery market growth prospects are more optimistic than bread and bread products, but also face challenges. Although the category to "high-end enjoy" mainly play, but the most well-known manufacturers increasingly need to pay attention to the health characteristics of the product.

                At this point, Chris Brockman, research manager for food and beverage, will lead us to look at the major consumer trends shaping the baking market and recent product innovations.


                We are increasingly aware that consumer life is more busy, the corresponding food to keep up with the fast-paced, so breakfast "snack" trend rising. In real life, one-third of Italian consumers said there was not enough time to eat bread or baked goods at home in the morning. Manufacturers need to provide consumers with easy access to breakfast forms, such as breakfast biscuits and drinks. Baking brands need to make these new forms of products more convenient to carry, more suitable for snacks to eat, in order to obtain more share.

                The Jacquet white rolls in France in 2014 are designed for easy production of sandwich rolls.

                The Tip Top Grab'n Go Fruit & Fibre Breakfast Buns in Australia in 2014 does not need to add any butter and smudge, nor bake. This snack-type buns can be eaten with a microwave oven to eat, fast and simple.

                The Focaccelle series is also a success story for breakfast snacking, which claims to be "the first delicious snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere" thanks to the practical and independent packaging. The series was launched in 2014 and now has a total of 5 products - extra virgin oil, black olives, cherry tomatoes and new rustic and rosemary flavors. This series is one of the best-performing products in the recently introduced Italian food and beverage market.


                Experimental innovation has become an important driving force in the baking market, but also a way to stimulate the interest of young consumers. Blending is a method of brand innovation. The blend of baked desserts first appeared in Japan in 2014, followed by Europe in 2015. As a result of a quarter of British consumers interested in new forms of cake, such innovation will be attractive.

                Yamazaki Dowhats Caramel Almond Rabbit Donuts in Japan is a crisp dessert with caramel chocolates and almonds. It combines croissants and donuts, with a unique texture.

                Tesco Raspberry Donuts in the UK in 2015 blends donuts and muffins with raspberries as fillings and sugar on the surface.

                Yamazaki Wonut Chocolate Waffle donated in Japan in 2015 and the donuts are crisp and moist as waffles.

            Minority or local characteristics

                Consumers are also trying new tastes and different types of bread. More diversified and interesting breads are a growing point in the market, such as flatbreads and ethnic bread, and this trend will continue in 2016. Three quarters of Italian, French and Spanish consumers say different types of bread will attract them.

                Panificio Cremona Italia Linea Bio launched Pane Arabo Bio (Organic Arabian Bread) in Italy in 2015.

                Italian company Meraon Speck launched Südtiroler Schüttelbrot (southern Tirol crisp rye bread) in 2015. This bread is a mixture of rye, seasoned with parsley, without preservatives.

                In 2015, the British Marks and Spencers launched the Mediterranean Vegetable Pesto Sauce Foksha. It is slowly fermented by the dough, with vegetables, mozzarella cheese, parsley and pesto sauce as ingredients, baked in a stone-based oven, so that the epidermis is unusually burnt.

                Chris Brockman is a food and beverage research manager for the Emina EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). In his nearly 20 years of research, he has worked in many of the world's leading food and beverage producers and retailers. Prior to joining Immin, Chris led a team to research and track global trends in food ingredients. He also leads a research team in an export market to do business consulting in the food and beverage industry.