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2017 baking market six popular elements

Author: Source: Date:2017/3/16 11:57:36 Visits

China's bakery industry has been booming since 2009, according to Euromonitor statistics, 2012-2013, China's baking market from 117.6 billion yuan to 152.4 billion yuan. It is predicted that within four years of domestic baked grain market size can reach 282 billion yuan.

    Compared to Europe and the United States baking market, China's baking market is obviously very young, consumers choose the product motive is also very different. Euromonitor statistics show that in Germany, for example, the average consumption of cereals and bakery products is 731 units per person per year, while China is only 92 units per person per year.

    Baking products in 2014-2015 gradually tend to high-end product trends, mainly in the health of the product claims, functional products declared and easy to carry the product design. The main raw material applications include functional sugar, protein, dietary fiber, etc., the main form of cereals and other media to join the baking products. Health trends make the development of bakery products more natural and safer.

    In 2017, the baking products are expected to move in the following directions:

    Hand-made and customized products

    With the popularity of baking knowledge and equipment in the home, consumers will add more to the home customization of bakery products. Although home baking and buying baked goods in the product and taste on the gap, but in the safety of raw materials on the choice of a more control can be better to meet consumer demand for food safety. As more and more companies are concerned about the direction of the family, there will be some products such as hand, hand and other products into the home baking market. Combined with the current more popular under the kitchen, I love the kitchen and other home customization of the food category APP point of view, hand and custom baking products are also in a gradual upward trend.

    Add probiotic products

    The rise of dairy products in 2015 aroused the concern of consumers for probiotics. The main function of probiotics is focused on improvements in intestinal function. Probiotics and baking products have a good combination of the direction of the first probiotics can be added in the form of yogurt baking products, rich baking products taste, and even as a filler to add. But here may need to pay attention to temperature, baking products are generally hot food, such as now roasted, add yogurt and other probiotics, select the appropriate carrier is an important direction.

    Brunch products

    Brunch is also in the domestic development of the rising momentum, in view of the young groups as a result of the convenience of the original three meals were merged to two meals a day or even less. Brunch has become a new direction for the development of bakery products and is also a good way to combine bakery products with staple food and domestic consumers' eating habits. Brunch with a certain amount of grain, yogurt, vegetables, etc., is to meet people for health, natural demands.

    Add a protein product

    The 2015 Dietary guideline, which was introduced in the United States in 2015, underscores the importance of a balanced diet, which may lead to further improvement in functionality in 2016, given that the baking market is dominated by sugar reduction in 2015. The introduction of protein in baking products can be salty with fruit and vegetable products, it can be sweet with fruit products. The protein is introduced into the baking in the form of a raw material, and it is well filled with the filler and is better improved on the baked texture. However, the introduction of protein in baking products, the same temperature is facing the problem of protein damage.

    Add dietary fiber products

    Dietary fiber is mainly dominated by domestic polyglucose and inulin. In fact, the two products used in the baking of the functionality is not much difference. Inulin is divided into long and short chain two different types, the difference between the two is mainly on the baking product texture and taste of the impact. Foreign studies have shown that long-chain inulin more conducive to improving the taste of baking products. The effect of polydextrose on the taste of the product is mainly reflected in the degree of polymerization and the control of its own taste. Baking products as a dietary fiber carrier is very suitable, both to increase the content of dietary fiber products, but also make the product has better functionality.

    Add functional sugars to products

    Functional sugar used in baking products in 2017 will have a greater development. Xylitol, maltitol, erythritol, trehalose, etc. can be properly added to the baking products, the formation of low sweet, refreshing taste of the product, while the functional sugar products due to the occurrence of Maillard reaction, so a certain degree Also played a role in color protection. In view of the baking products for baking products in the taste, shape, color, function, cost and other aspects of the multiple needs of a single sugar alcohol application is difficult to do, therefore, the combination of functional sugar (relying on complex technology, combined with different food needs, The combination of different sweeteners) will be a good application to make up for this defect. )