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VEPA Schedule 2/9/18

VEPA Friendlies

This Saturday VEPA friendlies

Annandale United FC v SYC

February 10, 2018


Congratulations to the players listed below:


1, Jeremy Orellona
2, Colin Buckhorn
3, Jeremy Alvarado
4, Marcus Cortes
5, Tim Adye

1, Nico Marvin
2, Teo Dombrovski
3, Teymour Mohammed
4, Ian Daley
5, Dylan Watson

1, Jared Weber
2, Braden Deahl
3, Nelson Pinto
4, Luca Amato
, David Fuentes
, Jayden Tran

1, Charles Njocu
2, Carlos Arriaza
3, Joshua bentkofsky
4, Ryan sefaroui
5, Ryan Watson

1, Carson Kourtesis
2, Michael Osafo
3, Aiden Cranna
4, David Gudiel
5. Keagan Peralta






             We are very excited to inform you that you’ve been selected by our member clubs’ Technical Directors to participate in our VEPA Elite Training Program (ETP) for Fall 2017. Please consider this notice an official invitation to join us in our inaugural player development project, which is FREE to all players from VEPA member clubs.

  Our advanced VEPA Elite Training Program starts on Friday, September 8th (BOYS) or Friday, Sept 15th (GIRLS) – and we have chosen only high level, fully committed players to join our senior technical staff for a series of professionally designed sessions.

  Each of our chosen age groups, U’11 through U’15, will operate under the oversight of one of our members clubs’ Technical Directors. Players selected to our ETP will undergo SIX training sessions held on Friday evenings over the course of the Fall 2017 season, with a view to selecting VEPA representative teams for eventual tournament play.  The dates and venues for these scheduled Fall 2017 ETP sessions are listed below:

Sessions 1 & 2 @ Mason District Park, Annandale VA (Host Club - AUFC)

BOYS DATES: Sept 8th & 22nd – U’11, 12 & 13 from 6-7:30pm, U’14 & U’15 from 7:30-9pm

GIRLS DATES:  Sept 15th & 29th – U’11, 12 & 13 from 6-7:30pm, U’14 & U’15 from 7:30-9pm

Sessions 3 & 4 @ Nike Park, Great Falls VA (Host Club - GFSC)

BOYS DATES: Oct 6th & 20th – U’11, 12 & 13 from 6-7:30pm, U’14 & U’15 from 7:30-9pm

GIRLS DATES:  Oct 13th & 27th – U’11, 12 & 13 from 6-7:30pm, U’14 & U’15 from 7:30-9pm

Sessions 5 & 6 @ Hooes Park, Springfield VA (Host Club – SYC)

BOYS DATES: Nov 3rd & 17th – U’11, 12 & 13 from 6-7:30pm, U’14 & U’15 from 7:30-9pm

GIRLS DATES:  Nov 10th, Dec 1st – U’11, 12 & 13 from 6-7:30pm, U’14 & U’15 from 7:30-9pm

  Full commitment to this FREE program is required and players who are unable to meet the attendance requirements or who fall short of the level of play expected in this program will be replaced at the discretion of our Technical Directors.

  Players selected to the program will be asked to register on our website, via the portal provided in the Fall Program drop-down menu.

Please direct any further questions regarding the program outline to your member club’s Technical Director. We are all very excited at the prospect of launching this collaborative – and we look forward to having you join as we introduce our first ETP sessions next week.



Congratulations to the players listed below:
1. Jayla Evans
2. Maddie Alexander
3. Ava Sewall
4. Jade-Michelle Perkins
5. Phoebe Wilkes
6. Sophie Sewall
1. Jaya Nath
2. Olivia Bloom
3. Dakota Loomis
4. Isabella Barnett
5. Mary Wiggins
6. Kiera Veach
7. Avery Rodriguez
1, Kayla Garza
2. Valeria Castillo
3. Sophie Stein
4. Sofia Perusi-Melara
5. Nuhamin Haile
6. Hannah Nguyen
7. Tatiana Gudiel
1. Jasmine Hernandez
2. Daniela Dosen
3. Abigail McCall
4. Madeline Dosen 
5. Barbara Soto
6. Anna Delaney
7. Jacey Evans
1. Amanda Sternitzke
2. Jillian Caughey
3. Erica Rice
4. Karma Reuling
5. Lexie Skeen 
6. Elsa Billingslea
7. Isabella Jesse



FREE Elite Player Academy for Member Clubs

(Northern Virginia, May 2017) Annandale United Football Club (AUFC), Great Falls Soccer (GFS), Herndon Youth Soccer (HYS), Springfield Youth Club (SYC), and FC Virginia (FCV) have formed an unprecedented new partnership, named Virginia Elite Players Academy (VEPA), All five area clubs have committed to the VEPA Training Program to establish a FREE academy training opportunity for elite players from within each club. 

VEPA’s Training Program will begin in the Fall of 2017 and will provide unique training and playing opportunities for boys and girls across the U11-U15 age groups   

Each of the clubs will continue to operate separately, but will collaborate to provide further elite-level training for the very best players from VEPA member clubs. Technical Directors from each of the five independent clubs will identify players from each age group from their respective memberships to create select VEPA Training Pools. Only players from within VEPA member clubs can be selected to be part of this program. 

Players that are selected into the VEPA Training Program will continue to play with their respective clubs and teams, but will also have the opportunity to train once-a-week with other elite players from each of the five member clubs.  Players from the VEPA player pools will be selected to compete in some of the most prestigious youth tournaments in the country as well as internationally.  

VEPA training sessions will be guided by an internationally-synthesized methodology formed from some of the best youth development programs from both Europe and South America. VEPA’s curriculum will be established using the extensive knowledge and experience of our member clubs’ Technical Directors.  

Each member club’s Technical Directors will form the collaborative Board of Directors in order to make joint decisions on the strategic vision, direction, and future expansion of the program.   The Technical Directors of each member club are:  Bo Amato (AUFC), Richie Burke (FCV), Radovan Pletka (GFS), Nick Arzani (HYS) and Julian Lee Chang (SYC).  

“VEPA is great for our players, coaches, and members.  At Annandale United FC we are determined to create opportunities for our players, and we have worked tirelessly in the past to keep finding ways to do more for our membership.  This collaborative group of progressive clubs in Northern Virginia will enhance our ability to create increased opportunities for all our players.”  -   Bo Amato, Annandale United Football Club Technical Director.

“What excites me most about VEPA is that in addition to be a training program, it is really a collaborative effort of idea generation and sharing, where each Technical Director has equal say at the roundtable.  While it is starting out as simply a training program, there is open discussion of how we can implement some more progressive ideas as part of our program offerings.” -    Radovan Pletka, Great Falls Soccer Club Technical Director

“We realize some of our top players would benefit from an environment where they can train alongside the best players from five other like-minded clubs.  So the VEPA concept is enticing since we are always trying to find new ways to inspire and develop our players.  Over the past few years we have been bringing some of the best coaches and players in the world to work with our players.   We are excited to have the opportunity to utilize our extensive network to benefit even more players as part of the VEPA program.” -  Nick Arzani, Herndon Youth Soccer Technical Director

“At SYC, we are looking to increase opportunities for all our players, from the grassroots to the most elite level.   VEPA provides an avenue for our very best players to continue to grow and develop to their fullest potential.  We strive to be a club that keeps the game affordable, while providing the best possible environment to nurture our players.   The VEPA vision of a free program therefore aligns perfectly with our mission, and gives our players an elite pathway that is both sensible and economical.” - Julian Lee Chang, Springfield Youth Soccer, Technical Director.

“I am thrilled for FC Virginia to be a part of the VEPA Collaborative, which is the first elite level training program in the area to be driven exclusively by top Technical Staff from each member club.  Through VEPA, we can introduce a progressive, professional training program that is free of costs, and is geared towards developing the truly elite player.”   -   Richie Burke, FC Virginia Boys Technical Director